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Inflation and capsizing might be a little too much on my brain

Disclosure: I had a dream last night that I was taking the family to Pizza Hut (my group text was about vintage Pizza Hut last week, so it’s on my mind) and the final bill came to $947 and change. I particularly remember in this dream that for some reason I drank three lemonades and they charged me something like $300 in drinks. There were also all these weird charges on bills for things like employee health and welfare or something like that.

It was pure nightmare fuel. There I was planning to dine and run because of this ridiculous bill.

What does all this mean?

I’m not a researcher in this field, but it clearly means that I’ve been thinking too long and hard about tipping – there were 500 emails on the subject – and the golden days of Pizza Hut, when it was considered fine dining for a family of four.

But the lemonade thing puzzled me. I haven’t ordered lemonade in a restaurant for at least a decade or more, unless I mixed a double shot of vodka.

Reader Request: I need help with the perfect, unique and out of the ordinary experience to give to my daughters for Christmas

Now this should trigger some backlash from the community, especially as many of you have time off this week from barely working or not working at all.

• John of PA writes:

Hey Joe. I haven’t sent emails in a while. It’s John of the Wiffle slip-n-slide ball yard. I have a question that I thought would be perfect for the SC community. Every year for Christmas I get my girls (now 15, 18 and 22) a “surprise” gift which is a unique trip somewhere we’ve never been for all of us to experience for the first time.

In the past we have attended the junior college World Series, a 3 day country music festival in rural Ohio, an Indiana college basketball trip that included Hinkle Fieldhouse for a Butler game, the Hoosier Dome, and the gym original “Hoosiers” and a trip to rural Mississippi for Poplarville’s blueberry jubilee.

I pride myself on being able to think of out-of-this-world experiences that we’d really love to fit into the budget that old JB decimated, but I’m struggling this year.

So I’m asking the Screencaps community to give me ideas on unique and out-of-the-ordinary experiences for a family that loves America, each other, and visiting all the places and events that make our country great. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Now, this is my kind of email because it gets the juices flowing, especially since there are more options since John has been doing music, sports, and a blueberry jubilee.

Off the top of my head, the Savannah Bananas are touring in 2023. They’ll be all over the Northeast. It’s something we all need to keep in mind. In fact, I’ve already booked a hotel room for the July 3 banana game in Akron.

Help John!


Wake up, go broke or wake up, go broke

• John H. writes:

We need the librarians of the internet on this one. Do we credit Clay Travis with the first widely recorded use of the phrase “go woke go broken”?

The phrase has now become an international media headline.

According to Know Your Meme, the origin of “wake up, go broke” comes from a 2018 article in which science fiction author John Ringo used the phrase to describe organizations that have succumbed to social justice warriors.

Now, Clay has certainly used the phrase so many times on mainstream media sources that he can certainly pat himself on the back for making this meme worthy of European tabloid headlines.

The Battery Daddy movement grows — #notsponsored

As always, I have to be completely honest with you guys, Battery Daddy doesn’t pay me a dime to market these toolboxes. They should, but they aren’t.

Q. in Georgia sent the following emails over the weekend:

Couldn’t wait until Christmas, bought one for myself! I’ll upload it while I watch your Buckeyes fight turtles.

I received a follow up email on Sunday:

It’s ready!

This is cheaper than going to therapy and by the end of your relaxing drum arranging session, you have a drum toolbox ready to go at a moment’s notice. Kids have those plastic Pop Its that make addicting toys. Adults have Battery Daddy.

Let’s face it, we’re all barely grown up.

OutKick Favorites (Ranked)

• Adam in Sidney, Nebraska is back with some thoughts from the weekend on OutKick and snowplows:

Midnight SC upgrade powered by Bud Light™️

I tried logging out of Twitter. I started chirping about going all in with the TNML. I couldn’t take Husker Twitter after sustained and heartbreaking losses by my favorite team in the Big Ten West. But now I’m back on Twitter, perhaps to keep up with Battery Daddy?

My third favorite Outkick Hookstead writer will keep me clicking on every Big 10 article. 2nd place at the Monday morning NASCAR pit stop.

I was lucky enough to grow up using a snow blower. I’m sure there’s a TNML guy or two starting up the snow blower this morning. Unlike the lawn mower, the snow blower wakes up early. The best way to establish neighborhood superiority is with a 5:30 mission on the dual or triple stage plow. SEC country is probably so confused by now.

My old John Deere snow blower is waiting in the shed. When his number is called, he’ll send glorious 91-octane 10-horsepower videos of his mission.

The fall harvest must be finished. The Instagram farm girls must have it shut down for the winter.

Thank you for all your hard work posting content every morning.

OutKick executives will appreciate the feedback on Monday Morning Pit Stop and Hookstead’s constant barrage of Big Ten West content for those completely forgotten by national websites.

It’s no secret that NASCAR is in the wheelhouse of OutKick and Zach Dean has the patience and love for NASCAR to write about it beyond Daytona week. The guy used to be a sportswriter for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, so he’s been in the belly of the NASCAR beast over the years.

And did I mention that Zach Dean is a big Busch Light guy? I don’t know if he mows down on Thursdays, but I know he has his beer priorities under control.

TCL TVs (yes, most likely the Chinese are spying through these TVs, but they are already spying through your phone and have your voice and videos to create AI bots)

• Indy Daryl writes:

You could not have made a better choice in my humble opinion with the TV you just bought. I bought my first TCL 4 years ago and when we ran out of the basement we went back to TCL, 55in just like the one you bought (pics below). Roku’s interface is great and I couldn’t be happier. I also highly recommend the TCL specific soundbar. Great sound and only a Bluetooth connection!

Anyway, I spent the night watching The Force Awakens with my son!! Have a nice evening!!

Wendy’s Chili Analysis

Last week we received an email from a Screencaps reader who was beside himself telling us (and Texans reading) how much he likes Wendy’s chili. I have a friend who swears by using leftover burgers to add bulk to that chili.

• John L. writes:

Joe, I can absolutely confirm that at least in the past Wendy’s used unsold cooked burgers in their chile. This was a fact in a cost accounting case study I had in MBA school in the 1980’s. I remember it so clearly because Dave Thomas (Wendy’s founder) visited our school shortly after. We tried to question him about their accounting for by-products, which went completely over his head. He also kept pronouncing it “bidness” school.

• Bill in Chicago writes:

I happened to see a documentary about Wendy’s and its founder Dave Thomas a couple of weeks ago. “The food that built America” ​​or something like that. On that show, Dave Thomas was said to have come up with the idea of ​​chili as a way to use fresh meat that wasn’t fresh enough to be served at Wendy’s as a hamburger but was still okay to make chili. So while it’s not leftover burgers, according to that documentary it’s beef that’s a couple of days older than the beef Wendy uses for her burgers.

• Tommy in Texarkana, Texas writes:

I’ll be brief, just like the time Jizzele spent alone before getting back on the sausage wagon.

In a previous life, I was a pharmaceutical sales rep. I hated it, but that’s an email for another day. Long story short, it never surprised me that the menu at the meeting always ranged from burgers, to tacos the next day, to meatloaf the next day. Hell yeah, Wendy’s recycles that meat.

And quickly, let’s go to Spain, where Mike T. has been sending me all sorts of photos

As always, you can follow T.’s adventure here:

11/17/22 Malaga Spain

Grilled fish on the beach:

And with that, let’s have a great Tuesday as we prepare for Thanksgiving Eve. Guys, the holidays are here. Give 115% to work and come home for some MACtion and get the house ready for the big Thanksgiving holiday.

You don’t want to do that work on Thanksgiving Eve when there’s so much bourbon to consume.

I wish you a good day.


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