Omega launches the extraordinary James Bond watch for the 60th anniversary

Omega has announced a new watch to celebrate 60 years of James Bond.

Double-O-7’s Diamond Anniversary celebrations have already been marked by a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, the unveiling of a purpose-built 18,000 square foot “Sean Connery Stage” at Pinewood Studios and a charity auction in two parts at Christie’s which included a replica Aston Marin DB5, Q’s The world is not enough motorboat and Agent Specter Prime’s bionic eyeball There is no time to die.

The auctions also included several of the Commander Bond brand Omega Seamaster watches, including the current Seamaster Diver 300m 007 Edition. Crafted in lightweight titanium with ‘Tropical Brown’ detailing, and worn by Daniel Craig during his last outing as Bond in the last edition There is no time to die, the watch marked the Swiss watchmakers’ 25 years of enduring partnership with the franchise. This alone cost £226,800.

Now Omega has revealed its anniversary watch, the Seamaster Diver 300M 60 Years Of James Bond Stainless Steel.

The new model takes inspiration from Craig’s design There is no time to die watches and marries it with the look of the very first Bond Omega, a blue Seamaster 300M Quartz worn by Pierce Brosnan in 1995 Golden eye.


The bezel and dial are both made of blue anodized aluminum, the dial features laser-etched waves, and the bezel’s diving scale has been redesigned so that the traditional inverted triangle indicator has been replaced with the number “60”.

The spectacular moment is saved for the caseback. This replicates 007’s opening title sequence, with Bond in silhouette and a rotating gun barrel design. The mesmerizing effect, achieved by laser engraving a single disc, is achieved by linking the caseback disc to the watch’s seconds hand, which features a lollipop motif for the first time on a Diver 300m and painted white . The second hand drives the animation, a style known as “moiré”. So, in Omega’s words, “the action never stops”.

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Although the Bond of Ian Fleming’s novels was a Rolex Explorer man, the screen persona, played by seven actors over six decades, one of the most beloved and profitable franchises in entertainment history, has worn a variety of brands.

From a Gruen Precision 510, the first Bond watch seen on screen, a 34mm gold number tied to Sean Connery at the gaming tables in 1962 Doctor No to a large Breitling Geiger counter detecting radiation from two atomic bombs stolen in 1965 Thunderball to Roger Moore’s Seiko Liquid Crystal TV watch, used only once in 1983 Octopus to enlarge the cleavage of an unidentified woman, a story explored by Squire in this ultimate guide, it’s his longstanding relationship with Omega that cemented Bond’s favorite watch.

Bond has worn Seamasters in every film since 1995.

That initial decision to switch brands was thanks to Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming, who chose Omega for Pierce Brosnan’s debut in Golden eye.

“When Peirce took over, my idea was that we were Europeans and that Bond was a European,” he told the New York Times in February 2020, while acknowledging the irony of Britain’s exit from the European Union the previous month. “I did it on purpose. I wanted to extend who he was.

The Seamaster 300M Quartz’s blue wave dial was also a factor in his decision, he said, recalling his father’s friends, who were former Navy men and wore Omegas.

“They were gentlemen, good guys, ready for anything,” he said. “Omega was perfect for a naval commander who would dive and rescue people.”

Omega has produced many limited and non-limited edition watches to honor Bond and the franchise over the past quarter century. It is one of the great partnerships in the watch world.

But the 2001 Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition, which Daniel Craig is said to have contributed to the design, was a particularly runaway success. The model has been singled out by Watches of Switzerland, the third-party retail group comprising Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths, as having helped achieve record profits of £586.2 million last year, an increase of 44 .6% compared to 2020.

If nothing else, this new 60 in the sunth The anniversary model is like demonstrating an even bigger attraction, it is the very original caseback apparently designed to be catnip for Bond fans.

The model is also produced in titanium and a version in Omega’s 18-karat “Campus Gold”.

At the very least, while the world awaits news of who the next James Bond will actually be, it will provide an entertaining way to pass the time.

£7,100 (steel version); omegawatches. com

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