Danger! Legend Amy Schneider Follows Up Tournament Win With ‘Most Relatable Tweet Ever’

DANGER! legend Amy Schneider followed up her Tournament of Champions victory with a classic Twitter post.

The TV star played his first game of bar trivia after the uphill battle and it didn’t go as well.


Danger! legend Amy Schneider defeated 2 more serious threats on MondayCredit: ABC
The champion then hilariously did


The champion then hilariously “finished third” in the bar quizCredit: Twitter

Ami, 43 years old, he wrote: “Tonight I went out for a bar quiz for the first time since my first appearance on Jeopardy!

My team finished third.”

The tweet came a day after Amy’s incredible success on Jeopardy! and went viral scoring 46K likes.

Fans deeply bonded over the second-longest contestant ever with 40 wins (and $1.67 million, counting the $250,000 tournament stopper feather) who had a bad trivia night at the bar.

Ken Jennings of Jeopardy!  annoys fans with
Cris Pannullo of Jeopardy!  erases fears that it would have been


One fan replied, “You just validated my local quiz experience!”

Another wrote, “This makes me feel so much better about my potty bar losses.”

A third wrote, “Imagine beating a Jeopardy champion in Bar Trivia. My ego would never shut up.”

A fourth wrote, “See, I just assume that every time I don’t win, the teams that beat my team were cheating.”

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As a fifth put it: “I guess even champions have a bad night sometimes. On another note, congrats on winning the tournament!!!

“I was screaming when you won. You are by far my favorite Jeopardy champion ever!”

A sixth agreed on the outcome of the year’s fierce confrontation: “Definitely the best tournament of champions in recent memory! You three were brilliant and great fun.

“I was rooting for you, so I’m happy with the result. (I’m glad the professor won at least one game!)”


The 2022 Tournament of Champions kicked off with 21 past champions from last year.

The final three were Amy, 5-time winner and “Dark horse” Andrew He, and fan-favorite professor Sam Buttrey.

After six intense final games, the Oakland-California-based leader emerged as the victor.

Going into Monday’s Final Jeopardy, Amy had $15,600, Andrew close behind with $14,200 and $8,000.

He bet a whopping $13,000 as the crowd gasped – blocking Andrew’s $200 maximum if correct – and won with $28,600.

“Amy Schneider, this is your third win!” announcer Ken Jennings announced as the crowd roared: Andrew goes home with $100,000 and Sam $50,000.

His rivals achieved two wins and one win respectively – the crown went to the former to win three games.

The final three came as quite a surprise as Sam beat out 38-time winner Matt Amodio, and Andrew knocked out 23-time winner Mattea Roach.

Andrew’s calling card was his “Daily Double” all-in bets, but he still put up a great fight in his last game despite landing none.

Sam – who won the Tournament of Professors thus qualifying – has become a familiar hilarity with his wit and A+ stage presence.

Many fans thought he was “robbed” of a win in game three, but since that win didn’t go to Amy, it didn’t affect the final result.

Amy now has the third most money ever on Jeopardy! behind Ken himself with $2.5 million and James Holzhauer with $2.46 million.

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Now that the heated Tournament of Champions has concluded, the reigning Jeopardy! ace Cris Pannullo immediately returned for regular play.

Over the summer, Ken and Mayim Bialik, 46, now run Celebrity Jeopardy! spinoffs- were officially announced as the permanent replacements for the late Alex Trebek.

Fans loved Amy's tweet when one commented:


Fans loved Amy’s tweet when one commented, ‘This makes me feel so much better about my bar quiz losses’Credit: NBC
A day before posting it, he fought tooth and nail against Sam Buttrey and Andrew He winning after six ferocious matches


A day before posting it, he fought tooth and nail against Sam Buttrey and Andrew He winning after six ferocious matchesCredit: ABC
Ken Jennings now regularly hosts Jeopardy!  episodes again


Ken Jennings now regularly hosts Jeopardy! episodes againCredit: ABC

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