The nanny who worked for billionaire parents shares the craziest things she’s seen

  • Kathryn Lord is a British author and nanny who previously worked for billionaire families.
  • Lord told Insider that he has traveled the world with his clients and spent several weeks on a cruise ship.
  • She said one customer didn’t let her say no to their son, while another gave her a butler.

Kathryn Lord is a British author and nanny who previously spent many years traveling the world with billionaire clients.

Lord is the author of the 2019 children’s education book “There’s More to Books than Reading” and the 2022 book “More to Organizing.” He told Insider both books gained recognition from the late Queen Elizabeth and the Princess of Wales after she sent them copies and they responded via private letters.

Lord is considered an expert in childcare, having a master’s degree in education from Durham University and frequently lectures on the subject. Her expertise is also due in part to her experience working as a nanny.

Lord told Insider that while she’s currently a part-time nanny, she was previously a full-time nanny and many of her former clients were billionaires.

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Kathryn Lord photographed during her travels as a nanny to billionaire families around the world.

Photograph by Jane Fox

Lord said working with billionaire families often involved travel and she would be flown around the world first class with the family’s private chef at their various residences. Some of these jobs were long-term, she said, including a family that employed her for about two-and-a-half years who owned residences around the world.

Others were short-term, including a two-week stint on a cruise ship in northern Europe. Lord said he got to visit South Africa, Italy, the Maldives, various remote islands and many other locations during his time working for these families.

Lord shared with Insider the craziest things he’s witnessed at work.

Lord said a parent gave her the credit card and told her she wasn’t allowed to refuse anything the child asked

Lord said a client she worked for about 14 years ago gave her his credit card, which was specific for the child to use, and told her she “wasn’t authorized to say no” to any of the requests. of child.

“I didn’t let him have everything he asked for,” Lord said. “But money wasn’t an issue for them.”

One family had a private chef and masseuse

Lord said one family he worked for had a chef on call 24 hours a day and that the family woke them up in the middle of the night if they were hungry. They also had a private masseuse who lived nearby, he added.

Lord said she had to get used to being served by butlers

Lord said some of the holidays she has taken with one of her clients have involved being waited on by butlers, which she has struggled to get used to.

“It was a little strange for me, because obviously I’m there to look after the kids, but I’ve been told to sit and be served and I really don’t like being served,” she said.

“But it’s the dynamic, and that happens,” he added.

Looking back, Lord said he would only change one thing about the experience

Lord said she loved working for billionaire families and that looking back on the experience there is only one thing she would change, and that is recognizing the value of one’s time.

“My time is still worthy. I think some families, not all, have taken advantage of my time and my kindness,” Lord said.

“So with some families, I felt like I couldn’t say no, so I was doing more hours. So it leads to exhaustion and tiredness, and you can’t do your job properly. At the end of the day, you’re there for the kids,” and if you get wiped out you can’t support them in the best way possible,” he added.

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