The 3 zodiac signs with approximate horoscopes on November 25, 2022

We only have three words for you today and those words are “Moon Opposite Mars”. While it may sound like some sort of code in a spy movie, the reality behind this string of words is that this cosmic transit is a troublemaker.

The energy of Mars may be blinding us to how we perceive things on this day. Like, this is the kind of day where we want to fight the good fight, protect the weak, and defend the helpless…all noble causes that reach out to our hearts and make us want to be a part of them…until, of course, we we realize that no one is listening. Nor does anyone want to.

We are alone in our anger today. We are alone in our desire to do good, and after a few hours, we may get even angrier. That angry red planet above is shining on a laser beam of hostility and misunderstanding, and we’ll have a hard time escaping its influence.

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What’s worse is that we mean really well on this day. November 25th is complicated; we feel that if we mean good, what else could we get in return but more goodness?

Here’s where things fail. We believe we are moving towards happiness and light, while the Moon opposite Mars is driving us – some zodiac signs more than others – into chaos and darkness. So, what do we do about it? We deal, that’s what. Just another day in the life, folks. Keep going, keep going.

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