The problem with oil and gas price limits

Two documents from two government departments were released this week: the European Commission in Brussels and the Treasury Department in Washington. that of the Commission document it was a proposal for “a new instrument” aimed at limiting excessive gas prices in Europe. Of the Treasury document it was a guide on implementing a price cap … Read more

The gas price cap could cause irreversible damage to energy markets

Earlier this week, the European Commission issued a declaration declaring what it called a “safe price ceiling” for gas prices set at 275 euros, or $283 dollars, per megawatt-hour. Hailed as the long-awaited gas price cap that EU members have been discussing for weeks now, the target cap, according to the Commission, will be used … Read more

Russia is poised to largely circumvent the new G7 oil price cap

LONDON, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Russia has access to enough tankers to ship most of its oil beyond the reach of a new G7 price cap, industry players and an official told Reuters. US, stressing the limits of the most ambitious plan so far entered in wartime. The Group of Seven countries agreed last month … Read more