Banyan Tree Residences, Manila Bay is coming soon

The Banyan Tree Group, one of the world’s largest multi-brand independent hospitality networks, debuts its first ultra-luxury masterpiece in the Philippines. A diverse collection of hotels, resorts, spas, galleries, golf courses, and residences will soon include The Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay.

The exclusive location, which is only available to a select few, provides unmatched views of the magnificent Manila Bay sunset, giving guests a front-row seat to one of the planet’s most breathtaking scenes.

Develop a masterpiece

It is with the tireless efforts of a wonderful partner that Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay becomes a reality. The brand’s prestigious developer, TransAsia Construction Development Corporation, is committed to the same ideals and goals as Banyan Tree.

As a well-known real estate developer in the nation, TransAsia is renowned for its proficiency in producing top-notch projects that satisfy the shifting requirements of the Filipino market. They were the perfect partner for Banyan Tree because of their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

The resort will provide great service and experiences beyond expectations because to the brand’s dedication to sustainable development and TransAsia’s expertise in construction. Together they will constitute a brilliant addition to the country’s tourist and real estate sector – an iconic masterpiece that will become the new standard of luxury living in the country.

Let’s Talk About World Class Good Living

Situated as the metro’s most spectacular address, Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay will gratify even the most sophisticated taste. It offers a truly distinct lifestyle by fusing extraordinary worldwide experiences with the coziness of a Filipino home. Here inhabitants can enjoy the finer things in life in a home that oozes distinction, comfort and refinement.

Each unit of Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay will be crafted to inspire the utmost well-being and elegance. The dedication to excellence is demonstrated in even the smallest details, with a careful composition using only the best fixtures and materials from the most prestigious brands in the world. For instance, Gaggenau appliances, the top manufacturer of high-end, restaurant-caliber cooking technology for the contemporary home, will be installed in each unit.

Trademarked Banyan Tree Property Features of the Natural Kind

The traditional patterns and weaves ingrained in Philippine culture will serve as the primary inspiration for Banyan Tree Residences Manila Bay’s natural landscape of lush vegetation, which will be used to create an oasis in the city, similar to how all Banyan Tree brand residences incorporate the culture of the host country into the overall design.

Be the focal point of everything.

The property is surrounded by a new wave of dining, shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle alternatives despite being nestled in the center of a busy city. Airports, top-notch colleges, leisure and entertainment hubs, and other important business districts of the country are all within a short distance of the development’s primary location.

Within one building, people can live, play, eat, and shop.

A luxurious hotel, several designer stores, shops, fine restaurants, and custom cocktail bars are all included in this expansive complex. The renowned Vertigo Bar is only one of them. Situated on the building’s rooftop, guests can sip premium beverages while toasting to the mesmerizing sunset across Manila Bay.

The unique complex will have two portions when it is finished, joined by shop levels, and opulent ballrooms. The first residential tower, a hotel, and the second of the remaining two residential towers will make up the main cluster.

Personalized experiences for the most important clients

Residents will have easy access to a therapeutic treatment for the ultimate in pampering at the renowned Banyan Tree Spa. With the many kid- and family-friendly facilities, such as the BBQ Pits and Lounge, families may make enduring memories.

Unique property advantages

Banyan Tree Apartments Ownership of Manila Bay goes beyond simple property ownership. Each resident joins the Banyan Tree Sanctuary Club, which offers privileged access to a world-class selection of luxurious locations and experiences. Access to more than 60 upscale resorts and hotels, more than 60 healing spas, more than 70 first-rate shopping malls, and many opulent golf courses throughout the world are all included in this.

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