Design exhibitions celebrate lifestyle creativity

The event, China Design Exhibition and Public Art Thematic Exhibition, in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, highlights the importance of design.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Design has been even more integrated with the economic and social life of the Chinese people, representing progress through the years, from little brooches to towering architecture, from a poster to mark Chinese New Year to a logo for national events.

People are becoming increasingly conscious of the significance of design, not only because it meets their basic requirements for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, but also because it plays a bigger part in trend forecasting.

This served as the impetus for the 2012 opening of the China Design Exhibition and Public Art Thematic Exhibition, which sought to examine the breadth and depth of how design is transforming the nation. One of China’s most developed provinces, Guangdong, was the site of the event. Shenzhen, Guangdong, which has long been regarded as the “vanguard of reform and opening up” and more recently as “a city of design,” is currently hosting the fourth edition.

The third iteration of the event took place in 2019, and it featured more than 1,300 works that examine recent trends in design and public art, notably in supporting national policies and addressing social challenges.

The Guan Shanyue Museum and the Shenzhen Museum of Modern Art and Urban Planning, two iconic structures that capture the innovative spirit of architecture in the city, will host the current one, which ends on Thursday.

Also, the event is offering an online tour for the first time.

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