Profile of the Month of Women’s History | Dr. Laine Powell, Tech Sassy Girlz

March 15, 2023

Community & Services

It is a myth that women simply don’t enjoy using computers, and it becomes even more ridiculous when we design surroundings that are difficult for them to use.

She started developing a plan in 2011 with Courtney, who is now her husband, to support young females in this area. Dr. Powell Tech Sassy Girlz was founded a year later with the goal of encouraging disadvantaged middle and high school girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through mentorship, college preparation, and career readiness.

Girls in grades 6 through 12—the typical age when they lose interest in STEM—have the chance to engage with women leaders in STEM-related industries, take part in workshops and technology tours, network with business experts, and intern at tech companies through Tech Sassy Girlz programs.

Programs for Tech Sassy Girlz are funded by Orange County. The group had to modify its events and programming during the pandemic because they were all intended for face-to-face interaction. Mayor Jerry L. Demings contacted charities to learn how the county could help them; as a consequence, the charity received additional cash to continue operating.

“I’m not sure what this organization would look like right now without Orange County,” Dr. Powell said. “It allowed us to continue operating during that difficult time, convert programs to a virtual format, and even launch two new programs. I owe Mayor Demings and his team a huge debt of gratitude for fostering our growth and ensuring that educated girls rule the globe.

Dr. Powell received a White House invitation in 2016 to discuss STEM access for underrepresented females. She was nominated three times in 2016 and 2017 for the White House Champions of Change: Young Women Empowering Communities, among many other community and professional accolades.

I appreciate how often we can encourage girls to pursue STEM fields, she remarked. I’m thankful for the chance to perform this job and change the community, and I appreciate that we can provide these kinds of programs for students regardless of their zip code.

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